Privacy Policy

1. The Orchard is not going to spam you.

2. The Orchard will never give your email address to anyone else. We do ask a couple questions about some generic demographics, but none of that will ever be shared on an individual level. In other words, we might look at the breakdown of cities and states on our list, but we will never tell anyone “ lives here, and is this old, etc.” If we share any of the information we collect with any third party, it will be aggregate information with no personally identifiable component.

3. We also collect some information on our web traffic, but that’s also only on an aggregate basis. We use some of this information to design the site.

4. If you ever want to know what information we do have about you, contact us at to find out, and we will correct the information if you so instruct. This information is kept on secure servers.

5. We do set cookies- that little “remember me” option on our comment form does that, as does our traffic program. Some of our advertisers may also set cookies.

6. Although we may link to another site, we don’t endorse anything that appears there, nor are we responsible for it.

7. If we change this notice at some point, we’ll notify newsletter subscribers (if it pertains to them) and show you what we changed.

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